• Johar Town Office Johar Town Office
    467-DII Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Quaid-e-Azam Town Office Quaid-e-Azam Town Office
    Pindi Stop,Quaid-e-Azam Town (Town Ship),Lahore.
  • LDA Community Centre LDA Community Centre
    Ayubia Market, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Pakistan.
  • Johar Town Office Johar Town Office
    467-DII Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Quaid-e-Azam Town Office Quaid-e-Azam Town Office
    Pindi Stop,Quaid-e-Azam Town (Town Ship),Lahore.
  • LDA Community Centre LDA Community Centre
    Ayubia Market, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Pakistan.
  • Johar Town Office Johar Town Office
    467-DII Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Quaid-e-Azam Town Office Quaid-e-Azam Town Office
    Pindi Stop,Quaid-e-Azam Town (Town Ship),Lahore.
LDA Projects

Completed Projects







Lahore - the heart of Pakistan, is known for its historic buildings and splendid structures. For centuries the successive regimes have been enriching the city with love and determination. The construction of each successive era; Mughal, Victorian and the modern, has added tremendously to the grandeur of the city.
Shalimar Interchange is a beautiful addition in the landmark constructions of the metropolis. Situated close to the historic Shalimar Gardens it is a continuation of the artistic vision and the superb building skills that our master craftsmen possess.

Shalimar Interchange is a state of the art project, conceived by the Government of Punjab, planned by the LDA / TEPA, designed by NESPAK and constructed by Frontier Works Organisation. It is the first 3 level interchange in Punjab over the canal and the railway line and comprises of a 1.6 km Flyover, 2 Underpasses, 2 Ground Level Bridges and 11 km service roads around the site.
The interchange will greatly benefit Lahorites by improving the city’s traffic flow. The Mughalpura crossing was a notorious choke point where even the ambulances were held up in the traffic jams.  The flyover conveniently connects the city with cantonment. On the canal side; the underpasses convert the canal bank road into a fast moving signal free corridor. The adjacent Mughalpura Dry Port and the visitors going towards Shalimar Gardens and Jallo Park will be happier to use the superb road.
As per the traffic count 85,000 vehicles crossing the interchange will be benefited.
 The flyover-bridge is of the latest design that is most suitable for the locality. Its sleek transoms (pillars) and girders radiate openness. Besides regulating the traffic at a previous chokepoint, it will provide maximum utility for the residents by uplifting the whole area.
The grand project, conceived back in 1976 could not be implemented due to site restrictions and technical difficulties. It was a challenge for the visionary Chief Minister and his dedicated team which has been accomplished AlhamdoliLlah with lot of effort and determination.
The project has incorporated the best of design, material and workmanship.
It has been specially designed to give maximum space to the traffic moving under the flyover.
For a sound technical management NESPAK, the renowned consultants, were engaged for the designing, construction-supervision and verifications.
The civil works have been executed by FWO by putting in the best of technical skills and practical experience with a day and night effort and sincere dedication. FWO yearns to take up the quality of construction to new heights after the successful performance of road projects implemented about 13 years back.
The design and construction aspects of the project involved much more effort and material than any other flyover previously constructed in the province. Its quantum of work is three times more than the Jinnah flyover. Acquisition of land, clearing the haphazard underground lines of water, sewerage, sui gas etc and their systematic relocation required lot of time and effort.
The landscaping and aesthetic designing is being carried out with a focus on incorporating the glorious Mughal art with this state of the art project.
FWO thanks Punjab Government for involving it in the development of Lahore. It is our honour that our previous projects are referred as a marvel of construction and a model to follow.
With all the sincerity and best wishes, Shalimar Interchange is presented to the people of Lahore as a New Year’s gift.  

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Roads bring progress and the Madar e Milllat Road being constructed by FWO in an underdeveloped area is indeed a sign of progress. The road is named after the mother of the Nation Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah and will replicate her dream and the struggle for building our nation.
The road will connect the Northern and Southern areas of the city by linking Maulana Shaukat Ali Road (Peco Road) to College Road. It will also facilitate the Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate for its logistics and transportation.
The enormous development project for Quaid e Azam Town also includes a heavy duty underground sewerage, a storm water drain and 8 x internal roads of 8 km length in different localities of the area.
The Road
The 5.6 km long Dual Carriageway consists of two stretches, the first one starts from Maulana Sahukat Ali Road and goes upto Depot Stop and the second from Depot Stop to College Road. The two carriageways of the first stretch are 33 ft wide with 3 lanes each whereas the second stretch carriageways (Depot Stop onwards) are 24 ft wide with two lanes each.
Sewerages save roads. The initial plan did not include sewerage which was added later on to make it a sustainable project for the next many decades.  The heavy duty sewerage is up to 5 feet wide in diameter and laid about 10-25 ft underneath the road. It will comfortably accommodate the disposal needs of the whole locality for the coming decades.

Rain Water Drain.
Accumulation of rain and waste water is a common sight in any underdeveloped area and is a killer for the roads. To provide an efficient disposal system, drains are being constructed on both sides of the roads on the first stretch while from Depot stop onwards it passes through the centre of the road.

Allied Facilities
It will be a model road of Lahore that is being constructed similar to the Main Boulevard Gulberg. An 18 ft Median in the center of the road and a 45 ft wide green belt will add to the beauty of the road. Sodium lights erected in the middle will adequately illuminate the road. A foot path runs along the road in its entire length.
The road area was previously used as a land fill site. Extra deep excavation and earth / sand filling were carried out to lay a sound foundation of the road.
The design was improved many times to make it more and more beneficial for the public as well as project.
Haphazard underground services i.e. sui gas, water, tel were buried underground for which the alignment of the road / sewerage had to be readjusted many time


Lahore Development Authority will construct two plazas for providing parking facilities to more than 460 vehicles in the busy commercial centre of Liberty Market, Gulberg.

These plazas will be erected adjacent to UCH and liberty petrol pump. The Seven storey parking plaza, to be constructed near UCH, will cover an area of three Kanals and 16 marlas and cost an amount of Rs.500 million.

The building will be completed within a year time and will have the capacity of accommodating 206 vehicles with the average parking time of 12 hours per day.

Shops will be constructed in the basement as well as on the ground, first and second floors of the plaza will the third, fourth and fifth floor and its roof top will be used for parking vehicles.

A modern restaurant will also be established on the first floor of the structure which will have the capacity of upward extension of two additional floors.

Safety and Security of the people  has been ensured in this structurs by using the structure is of paramount importance so the design includes open stairwells and ramps, security devices such as Road Blockers, Car scanners, CCTV, Public Address System, Fire alarm and fire fighting, audio and emergency buttons that call into the booth or local police station, elimination of potential hiding places, such as under open stairs has also been arranged. Handicap  accessibility has been facilitated with vehicles close to stair and elevator cores having a direct path to key movement patterns of the garage.

The second parking plaza will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 559 million, close to the petrol pump. This five storey building will accommodate 253 vehicles. Two basements and ground floor will be used for parking of vehicles where as commercial offices will be established on the upper two floors. It will also be equipped with latest facilities as will be provided in the firs parking plaza