Co-ordination & Implementation



Directorate of Coordination & Implementation was setup with an objective to facilitate/coordinate inter directorate working for effective and expeditious disposal of official business. The Directorate acts as a focal point. Information required by various Government Organizations on issue pertaining to LDA is collected from respective Directorates and collated in this Directorate, and then sent to the concerned Government Department.

This Directorate also follows the implementation/progress of development projects work. It coordinates with Engineering Department of LDA for removing any impediments faced by it via other Government agencies during the construction of these infrastructure projects.

Some of the main functions of Directorate of Coordination and implementation are listed below.








  • To coordinate among different Directorate of LDA.
  • To get the policies, plans and programmes implemented through close liaison with PSOs.
  • To obtain report from concerned Directorates on the reference received from the Government and other agencies and send replies after compilation.
  • To deal with the monthly reports on Annual Development Programme for Planning and Development Board.
  • Allocation of vehicles to the officers of U.D.Wing, LDA.
  • To arrange meetings of Director General and keep record thereof.
  • To coordinate arrangement for the celebration of National events.
  • To coordinate arrangements regarding visits for foreign delegations and other VIP.
  • To do all other jobs assigned by the Director General.
  • Medical Facilities to LDA Employees. 




INCHARGE :                              Dirctor C&I
TELEPHONE :                           (092) 042-99262264
POSTAL ADDRESS :               Building 2, 467 Block D/2, M.A. Johar Town, Lahore.