Estate Management I



  1. Auction and allotment of plots.

  2. Transfer of plots.

  3. Delivery of possession of plots.

  4. Removal of encroachments on plots which are under the custody of EM and not auctioned and allotted.

  5. Issuance of plot clearance certificate /NOC.

  6. Grant of extension in building period.

  7. Execution of sale deed.


  1. Information of plots for auction received from Town Planning and the information already available with the directorate.

  2. Announcement of date for auction of plots selected by the committee minimum 7 days before.

  3. Auction of plots 10% advance of the reserve price is collected from the bidders in the form of cash or pay order etc.

  4. Award of plot to the highest bidder.

  5. Refund of 10% advance to unsuccessful bidders.

  6. 2/3 third of the bid is collected from the bidder within 30 days from the date of approval. In case of rejection of bid the 1/3rd already deposited is refunded.

  7. 30 days extension to bidder to deposit 2/3rd of the bid, and subject to approval of competent authority.

  8. Transfer of possession to the bidder after collection of 100% bid amount.



  1. Receipt of transfer application of plot.

  2. Required documents are checked.

  3. Collection of fees of transfer.

  4. Identification of seller and purchaser.

  5. Specimen issued to SFP Cell for printing of SFPs.

  6. Collection of printed SFPs from the SFP Cell.

  7. Contents are verified and handed over to OWC.



  1. The Building Period Extension Policy is framed by HP&EP Department and is notified for implementation, from time to time.

  2. In case of LDA, Policy bearing No.SO(D-II)HP&EP-2-3/92 dated 19.10.93 is applicable.

  3. After expiry of stipulated building period, which is three years, extension in building period is given on the request of owner of plot as per rules, at following rates, on submission of application.



  1. The owner of the plot has to apply to LDA through one window counter (LDA Complex, 9-court street), indicating the name of Financial institution or bank in whose favour LDA is required to be issued.

  2. Applicant is advised to enter into an Agreement for sale, which is signed, by the applicant and authorized officer of LDA, and it is got registered in Sub-registrar's office for its presentation to H.B.F.C. to full fill their requirement.

  3. In cases where applicants intend to have loans from banks an undertaking is obtained that applicant will not do any transaction during the period when plots remain mortgaged with the banks.

  4. N.O.C. on printed form is issued on due date.

  5. N.O.C. for loan is only issued for procuring house building loan. Once the house is constructed and completion certificate is issued by Town Planning Wing of LDA, then N.O.C. is not issued.


Name of Schemes


  1. M.A. Johar.Town

  2. Faisal Town

  3. Gulshan-e-Rovi

  4. Model Town Extenion

  5. Mustafa Town

  6. Nawab Town

  7. Old Rifle Range

  8. Samanabad

  9. 21-Acre Scheme

  10. Punch Road Scheme

  11. Multan Road Street Scheme

  12. lslamia Park

  13. Fazlia Colony

  14. Arya Nagar

  15. Sanda Homes

  16. Data Nagar

  17. Domoria Pul

  18. Grain Market

  19. Patiyala Woqeel Khano

  20. Timber Market

  21. Kapoor Thalla House

  22. Faisal Town Houses / Flats

  23. Fruit & Vegetable Market Road

  24. Auction of Plots in all LDA Schemes

  25. Petrol Pump Sites

  26. Venus Housing Society

  27. Public Utility Sites falling in above Schemes and Private Housing Schemes

  28. Rented/Leased Properties falling in above schemes



INCHAGE :                        Director Estate Management-I

TELEPHONE :                  (092) 042-99262256

POSTAL ADDRESS :      Ground Floor, Building 2, 467 Block D/2 M.A Johar Town ,Lahore, Pakistan.