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The Contractors/Firms are pre-qualified for prestigious/important works.

The pre-qualification Notice will be published in newspapers giving details and nature of the work and other special conditions essential for pre-qualification. The contractors/Firm will be evaluated for pre-qualification on the basis of their Experience, Staff/Personnel, Special Equipment/Tools and Plants and Financial Position. The scoring will be done on the above parameters as per criteria given in the Notification issued by Government of Punjab P&D Department No.3(13)P&D R.O(T)/93 dated 05.09.1993 (which may be seen on request to the office of Chief Engineer LDA).





  1. The Estimates are Technically Sanctioned after Administrative Approval.

  2. The Tender documents, drawings, specifications, schedule of quantities and conditions of contract etc. are prepared which can be purchased by paying an amount equal to 0.03% of the estimated  cost of the work put to tenders.

  3. The Notice Inviting Tenders is approved by the Competent Authority.

  4. The Tender Notice is published in the leading Newspapers and placed at Notice Board giving full details of date & time of opening, last date for receipt of tender, place of opening, name and amount of work, amount of earnest money @ 2% of the estimated cost put to tenders, tender inviting Authority and any special conditions if any etc. etc.

  5. Pre-bid conference with the contractors is arranged and decisions are circulated in the form of Minutes of the Meeting.

  6. Date of postponement if required is published, prior to the last date of receipt of tender in the same manner as that of tender.

  7. Sealed tenders are opened by the Tender Opening Committee in the presence of the Contractors or their representatives.

  8. The entire tender accepted or rejected is signed by the Tender Opening Committee. The rates entered in the bids are ensured. Overwriting and cuttings are also entered in the Tender Register. Clarifications in the bids if any are sought in the presence of contractors. The rates are also entered in the Tender Register and comparative statement is prepared.

  9. The Tenders costing above 0.5 million are evaluated by the Tender Evaluation Committee comprising of Director Incharge, Director Finance and Director P&D LDA.

  10. The work is awarded to the successful Bidder by the Competent Authority.






INCHARGE :                               Chief Engineer
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