Katchi Abadis


 In Punjab a full-fledged Directorate General of Katchi Abadis & Urban Improvement is working under the Local Government and Rural Development Department Government of the Punjab. All policy matters are being looked after by the Directorate General in liasion with the Katchi Abadis Cell of Ministry of Environment, Local Government & Community Development and Government of Punjab. At the lower levels the Development Authorities are performing the functions of Executing Agencies and are responsible for implementing the Katchi Abadis Regularization/Development Programme in big cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, etc. As such the Lahore Development Authority is working as Executing Agency on behalf of Directorate General Katchi Abadis & Urban Improvement, Punjab, for implementing the policy decisions of the Provincial Government. 





  1. To assist the Director General, Katchi Abadis & Urban Improvement Punjab in the performance of his duties/functions.

  2. To implement the regularization programme in the recognized Katchi Abadis within the jurisdiction of Lahore Development Authority.

  3. To carry out site verification/ re-verification of record/ facts of enlisted/declared Katchi Abadis under the direction of the Director General Katchi Abadis & Urban Improvement Punjab.

  4. To process/scrutinize the cases for issuance of demand notices to the eligible dwellers as per Government policy/Instructions and to recover the cost of land and development charges at the prescribed rates duly notified by the Government.

  5. To process the cases for grant of proprietary rights to the eligible dwellers of duly notified/declared/ transferred Katchi Abadis in accordance with the Government policy/instructions.

  6. To initiate penal action against the illegal occupants/encroachers in order to ensure prevention of encroachments in the Katchi Abadis.


Demand notices are issued to the eligible dwellers in duly notified / declared/transferred Katchi Abadis on provisional basis on the criteria that name of the dweller should exist in the survey list, and dweller should furnish proof of continuous occupation/residence in a particular dwelling unit of a transferred Katchi Abadi prior to cut-off date of 31-12-2006. The dweller should also provide an affidavit on the prescribed stamped paper of Rs: 20/- duly verified/attested by a Magistrate 1st Class or a Notary Public. An application (on the prescribed form) along with requisite documents and copy of National Identity Card may be presented in person by the bonafide dweller in the Directorate of Katchi Abadis, LDA.


As per prevailing policy of the Government, the cost of land and development charges are to be collected/ recovered before grant of proprietary rights to the eligible dwellers in duly notified/declared Katchi Abadis land which has been transferred/mutated in favour of Lahore Development Authority.


The cost of land is recoverable/chargeable at the following rates:-

  1. Residential unit up to 5-Marla @ Rs.172/- per marla.
  2. Excess land above 5-marla at market price of 23-03-1985.
  3. Dwelling unit partly commercial up to 5-marla will be considered as residential @ Rs.172/- per marla be charged.
  4. Dwelling unit exceeding 5-marla partly commercial will be considered as commercial and market price of 23-03-1985 will be charged.
  5. Difference in area/name in the survey list of a dwelling unit partly commercial will be considered as commercial and will be charged market price of 23-03-1985.
  6. The grace period for imposition of penalty of delay in payment is up to 30-06-2013, Thereafter, current valuation table rates will be charged .


The Development charges are recoverable/chargeable at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per Marla in addition to the cost of land from the eligible dwellers.


The grant of proprietary rights is linked with the transfer/mutation of state land under Katchi Abadis in favour of LDA as Executing Agency. Proprietary rights are to be granted to the eligible dwellers of those notified / declared Katchi Abadis whose land which has been transferred /mutated in favour of the Lahore Development Authority. The case for grant of proprietary rights to the bonafide dweller is processed after recovery/realization of charges/dues regarding cost of land and development charges.




The prevailing policy of the Government is that the proprietary rights should be granted to such occupants who have constructed dwelling units before the cut-off date of 31-12-2006. Anybody who stepped into the shoes of original dweller through power of attorney or executing an agreement for sale of malba will be treated as encroacher. The proprietary rights in such cases shall be granted after recovery of charges/dues at market price of 23rd March, 1985.


As per standing policy of LDA any dweller who has been granted proprietary rights may sell, transfer or sublet his dwelling unit after the expiry of prescribed period of five years from the date of execution of his sale deed/grant of proprietary rights. The purchaser/new occupant is required to submit his application to the office along with the certified copy of Sale Deed/Behnama of the sold dwelling unit, copies of National Identity Cards, three specimen signatures on plain paper, and attested photographs of both the original dweller/new occupant / purchaser. The cases would be scrutinized/processed in accordance with the laid down procedure and as per standing Instructions. 


As per standing policy of LDA, in case any dweller dies, the legal heirs of the deceased dweller are required to get a declaratory decree from the competent Court of law. As per policy instructions of DG, KA & UI Punjab, a parallel procedure of legal heirs is also being available with the office. Where in the applicants must appear before the Authorized Assistant Director for making necessary verifications / Identifications of legal heirs. For substitution of legal heirs in place of original dweller, a hand-written application along with the certified copy of Court decree/ judgment, copies of National Identity Cards, three specimen signatures on plain paper and passport size photograph of all the successors in interest, duly attested by a Gazetted Officer may be presented to the office. After implementation of Court orders, declaration of the successors by the Competent Authority , sale deed shall be executed in favor the legal heirs after recovering the dues.




INCHARGE :                               Director LDA Katchi Abadi
TELEPHONE :                            0301-4392002
POSTAL ADDRESS :                1st Floor Building 2, 467 Block D/2 M.A Johar Town ,Lahore, Pakistan.