PR & Marketing






  1. Publicity of LDA's development activities, policies and other matters of public interest.

  2. Placement of institutional type of advertisements in the newspapers like tender notices, public notices and auction notices.

  3. Launching of special publicity campaigns for awareness and guidance of general public concerning with LDA.

  4. To maintain the record of all public complaints/news items relating to LDA published in the press, radio and television and to communicate the same to the Organization.

  5. To issue clarifications etc.

  6. To issue press releases/press notes and to arrange press conferences/interviews/talks with print media as well as with electronic media.

  7. To maintain the pictorial record of LDA's development activities and important events.

  8. To publish Journals/Brochures/Booklets as and when required.

  9. To produce documentary films/reports on LDA's activities.

  10. To keep a close liaison with the press, radio and television for carrying out the above duties.






    All the LDA press releases, press notes and clarifications etc. are sent to the newspapers, Radio & Television Channels directly by Directorate of Public Relations LDA.


    All the advertisements are published through the Directorate General, Public Relations, Punjab and the payment is made to on receipt of consolidated bill by DGPR.




INCHARGE :                               Director PR & Marketing
POSTAL ADDRESS :                Building 2, 467 Block D/2, M.A. Johar Town, Lahore